Frequently Asked Questions

Are High Speed Braces™ a certain type or brand of braces used by the dental practitioner?

High Speed Braces™ is a trademarked marketing term used to promote the style of care used by licensed members of this program. The term used for the new brackets often used by these doctors is "self-ligating" and they usually do not use the little colored elastics used with traditional methods. The brackets come in assorted forms including metal, cosmetic procelain, or even lingual (placed on the inside of the teeth, and therefore hidden from sight).

Do Orthodontists offer High Speed Braces™?

Orthodontists, General Practitioners and Pedodontists are all interested in faster ways to straighten teeth. If your situation requires jaw surgery an orthodontist should be consulted. Shorter terms in treatment may mean some features may not be addressed but this can be discussed at your consultation visit.

Does this technique cause more complications?

The blend of dental skills used in High Speed Braces™ have been proven to be safe and effective. The treatment is often misunderstood by dentists and hygienists because some myths still persist in the profession. The latest studies suggest shorter times in braces may be healthier and carry lower complication risks.

Can High Speed Braces™ treat any orthodontic problem?

If the patient has a problem that requires surgical correction for skeletal problems you will need to invest a larger amount of time and money. High Speed Braces™ are not designed for every situation, but your dental professional can help explain your options.

I just had a Smile Makeover with porcelain veneers to correct my crooked teeth, but don't like the results. What are my options now?

Good question, this is a very unfortunate situation. Correction of severely rotated and mis-aligned teeth using veneers can make a quick improvement in your appearance, but can have some associated shortcomings (unusual gum levels between the teeth, thicker than normal contours of the porcelain restorations, the nerve of the tooth may break down and become infected, excessive costs, etc.).

A major issue is the amount of dentistry needed using porcelain to duplicate what can be achieved more affordably with High Speed Braces™ can be huge. It can take tens of thousands of additional dollars to rebuild a smile with porcelain instead of simply using orthodontics. Once you have porcelain over your tooth you generally can expect to replace it every 7-12 years and over a lifetime this can really hit the pocketbook. You will lose a little enamel or part of your tooth with each round of treatment resulting in an increased risk of complications.

If the veneers are already done and the results would have been better if the orthodontics were done first then the dentist will need to remove the new veneers or crowns and replace them with temporary crowns back in the original CROOKED position, then do the High Speed Braces™, and after a holding period, finally replace the porcelain restorations again. This is a big and expensive commitment but we have the technology to at least accelerate the process.

What ages are best for High Speed Braces™?

High Speed Braces™ practitioners start treatment according to their own treatment standards and sometimes early treatment can reduce the need for complex treatment later.

Adults are also excellent candidates and they also appreciate the short treatment time offered by High Speed Braces™.

I had braces a long time ago from an orthodontist and didn't wear my retainer... can you fix the crowding that has come back with High Speed Braces™?

Sure, you can likely get re-treated in less time and appreciate the importance of retainer use now that you are older and wiser! A bonded retainer (cemented behind your teeth) can be used in combination with a clear retainer to double your chances of long term success.

Do HIGH SPEED BRACES™ cost more?

The High Speed Braces technique fees are set by the individual practitioner and are usually competitive with most other orthodontic alternatives. Simply click on the "Find an HSB practitioner button" on the left and call your nearest HSB practitioner for a consultation today to see how fast and affordable a new smile can be!